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Went to Midnight Madness last two weeks

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Well, i ran at the last two Friday Night's Midnight Madness. I had some issues last Friday night and it was with my 750 Dp and it kept dieing on me when i would leave the water box like the front bowl was splashing through the breather vent and flooding out the primaries. I think that is the issue it's only my guess. So, i went and traded it out for my 750 Demon and ran my best times of the two nights. I went and ran a seires of 12.0's and 12.10's. Well anyway here is what i ended up running. I went consistent 1/8 mile times at 7.68-7.70 at 90 mph and went 1/4 mile at 12.03-12.10 at 112-113 mph. I got my sixty down to 1.75-1.84 by flashing the converter on the line instead of loading the chassis like i used to. I had a real good time except for the ones that died in front of everyone. That was real embarrasing.

I am finally getting my 12 bolt done and can't wait to see if the 4.10 gears and full spool with net me any real gains in the 1/4. Waht do you all think?

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