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Yesterday evening I turned to HLN and there was nothing but a still picture on the screen though the audio sounded just fine. The picture is a shot showing the edge of a small round table with a yellow table cloth, 2 lit candles sitting on the edge and the lower half of a framed picture showing a person (female?) from the lower chest area up to the chin.

I keep going back to the station and for the last 24+ hours and every time it's the same thing - that still picture though you can hear the audio is just fine.

I can understand the "picture" freezing at some point and maybe staying that way for a few minutes, but for it to stay this way for over 24 hours it's kind of freaky that no one has either reported the problem or the cable provider/HLN realizing this is happening.

So right now I'm listening to their "Forensic Files" program and wondering how long the "freeze frame" is going to stay on this station. It even has the "Forensic Files HLN" in-screen caption in the lower right hand corner of the TV picture like it normally would.

Anyone ever see anything like this before?
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