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scaled my 69 bb 4spd is 3550 with me in it and 55% is on the front.corner weights are
lf993 rf966

lr836 rr755

just for the heck of it i added 50lbs to the rt rear next to the battery and got to 54% on front
lf996 rf981

lr866 rr785
ill try it and see if 1% makes a diff over carrying more wght,but i read in a couple threads that ideally you want the rear corners as close as you can and 51-52% on front is ideal.Is it worth putting more wght to get %s better or will i see it slow down because im pulling more # down the track?I know screwing preload int the caltracs changes corner wghts as well but ive never heard any results of doing it that way.any thoughts?
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