This is a 1990's vintage Weiand Team G cast in the USA. It was designed and engineered by Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins. This one is completely worked by Chopper AirPort. It has a full plenum port with a cross buff on entry, and a burr finish in the runners and on the floor. Ports are gasket matched to a 1206. If you're looking for that serious edge on your combo, you don't have to wait. This is perfect for your high revving small block up to 400 cubic inches.

•Single Plane with Isolated Plenum
•Plenum raised 2.0" compared to 7530
•Square Carburetor Mounting Flange
•Isolated Water cross-over
•Power band: 4000-8500 RPM
•Height: Front 5.63", Rear 6.56"
•Port Size: 2.15” height 1.30" width