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MBP has made a few more revisions to the 2016 WCF Rulebook today on 10/14/16.

These changes are dated and colored in Red.

In the “Radial” class we are now allowing V10 cars with IRS to run twin 91mm turbos. Click below to view:

In the “All Motor Crossover” rulebook we are allowing Factory Stock crossovers to remove their alternator, but prohibiting GT350 or Boss intakes on Coyote engines. Click below to view:

In the “Street Fighter Crossover” rulebook we have allowed the N/A 10.5 crossovers to take an additional 100 lbs off their base weight. Click below to view:

In the “Street Fighter Crossover” rulebook the Ultra Street cars with F1A-94 supercharger now have to add 125 lbs to Ultra Street base weight to run Street Fighter. The Ultra Street turbocharged cars base weights are now 100 lbs lighter, so we now have Ultra Street turbocharged cars adding 125 lbs to run Street Fighter, which is still 50 lbs lighter overall than they were yesterday since they already had a 75 lb penalty. Click below to view:

Many of the base weights for Ultra Street cars have been lowered on the MDIR site which will in turn lower your base weight for Street Fighter as well, plus any S/F adjustments so be sure to check them out at:

All other Street Fighter Crossover classes have not changed.

Good luck to all WCF Racers!
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