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Watson Racings New Wrap!!!!!!!!

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Ron and Jeannie Watsons new wrap done by Detroit Sign Inc. Installed and designed Tom Oliver at Detroit Sign.......

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its nice to see people thinking outside the box its new looking and awsome good job guys and girls keep up the good work
I'm usually not the biggest fan of wraps but I like this better than the old paint.
I really like the bumper cover and quarters.
I like that. It's different. I don't like seeing the same scheme over and over.
Hey Big Ron the car looks great with the new wrap, best of luck to ya for the rest of the season.
that car looks badass!! good job!!! i like it!!
Looks good!
Looks very nice
Looks good! Bring it to Norwalk tomorrow... Want to see that grudge race against "gettin paid racin
I think it looks TONS better than the old paint. Not a big fan of pink but I think it fits for a woman driver. I kinda like the design but I'd have different colors.

I like it, different, I might would think alittle different if it was a man driving lol
You know you want that on the F'mont.
The car looks good!!!!
If she like it, I love it! Good job guys and big improvement! :cool:
Looks great Baldy.........................
All's most of dudes gonna see is the rear bumper tho.........
Gives think pink a new meaning..............well kinda.
Johnny Rotten
Now all it needs is a wrap for under the hood and the interior! maybe with a little sand mixed in LOL:smt078
It's like any paint/wrap job out there,some will like it.some won't.
I own a body shop and put flames on my car.some people like them,some don't..all that matters is if i like not really crazy over them,but i have better things to spend my time and money they will do.
If it was a show car ,i wouldn't be spending ungodly amounts of money on it to go
looks good cant wait to see it at the next race in aug.!
looks great.
21 - 40 of 48 Posts
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