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Warren Johnson DQ?

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NHRA quals show him as DQ in Denver.

What's up?
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I saw a video where WJ was bitching the fuel cars screw up the track. He was saying "they slick it up". His exact words.
I assumed it from clutch dust?? He did say why. He was very upset they ran after the fuel cars for some reason??

Well - with the new track surface yielding new E.T. records, I'm not sure he's got much to complain about.

Forgot to mention, this was a few years ago when I had a satellite.

He DID NOT say why, I missed a word.

Fuel residue and clutch dust does slick the track up some...sorta like running after a jet car...maybe that will be a better comparison if you have done it
Ugg -that is the worst! I hate running after jet cars. Even in my old 11-12 second car, it was like running on ice.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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