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want to carry

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i want to start carrying. i got the permit a while back and still havent decided what to get. ive been told not to carry anything smaller than a 40cal. what your thiughts? plus i havent shoot much pistal at all. few hundred rounds of 22 but very few of a biger cal. what should i start with?
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Dont get caught up in the caliber argument.
A well placed .380 will be better than a bunch of missed .45's
It is all about being comfortable with your handgun and being able to hit your target.
Whatever you get, please go to the range and practice, practice, practice.

I like a .38 snub nose, but also have a S & W .40. The .40 is too big for me to carry.
I have a couple of 9mm and that is a good round also.

Whatever you get make sure you look into some nice self defense ammo for it. There has been some great advancements in ammo and you can get some kickass stuff now.

Lots of guys also get caught up in how many rounds your gun will hold.
The FBI has determined that most conflicts are resolved in 3 shots or less.
My snub nose only carries 5 rounds, but a couple speed strips put another 10 rounds in my pocket just in case.

Whatever you decide on, get training and practice.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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