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Time to start up and feel free to add to a list of companies that are out of touch enough that they put their political agenda ahead of business. I'll get it started, feel free to chime in, the stupid runs deep in this country, even with those who damn well should know better....

Disney.....Open support of the **** freaks and related oddballs....Latest is the inclusion in cartoons gig, they have been very involved in pulling funding on people that don't line up with their agenda (BSA is one I knw of)

Starbucks.....the current refugee matter and the 2015 getting customers to talk about race with Baristas they at least had the brains to pull the plug on

Target......Transgender bathroom mess is classic

I forget the details and am too busy to look it up but CEO of company since election that went online rants threatening trump and got his ass canned

Ben and Jerrys....may adventures with these hippy fucks, take your pick

Asshole propane dealer in Maine who ranted on his trump supporting customers after the election, lost many and claimed he was going to retire anyway

I know I have forgotten many....what all do some of you remember and can add to the pile.
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