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Video/confuser Question

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I have a Sony Digital camera that has fire wire (Sony calls it i.Link), S-Video, USB, & an A/V jack on it.

My confuser has USB & S-Video ports on it.

the cable I have goes from Fire wire (or maybe its USB) on the camera to USB on the computer.

the video comes out a little jittery on the computer when you view it & it seems to me that its the way that it records on the computer.

So my question (sorry for being so long winded), is how do I get a better quality. should I try to buy a S-Video cable that will go to the computer? will that help any? or am I just hosed?

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Bob, use the i-link cable and plug it into the IEE1394 port on your computer. The USB 1.0 stuff is very slow. If you have USB 2.0 its a lot quicker.. But I-link is probably the best and fastest way..
Your F(#&$ed!!! Go out and buy a IEE1394 card and install it. They are pretty cheap.. Around $20-$40 for them now..
Yeah Bob you should step up to a 486 33DX... It will be lightning fast compared to what you have. Let me look in the shed.. I may have one for you...
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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