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Greg Huege of Elk Grove who raced in NSCA Pro Outlaw & Eldelbrock Pro Outlaw.Has now hired in Jeff Prock to help w/tunning & cunsulting w/his 2002 Bickel built Pontiac Firebird w/AES (Tony Schroeder) Blown Alky power

Saturday Aug. 27th @ Union Grove in testing Went:

60' - 1.05
1/8 - 4.28 @170mph
1/4 - 6.58 @ 214mph

Weighing 2925 lbs

Jeff Prock says "There is still lots of room to improve"

Predicted low 40s @ 220mph is said to be the goal w/consistancy

Congrats to Greg , Tony & Jeff Prock !

*UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Sept. 4th @ union Grove

Greg Huege racing w/Chicago Wise Guys match race group

Ran an incredible pass:

6.42 @ 221 MPH

After the pass the chutes failed to deploy,but Gregs great ability to react to what was occuring saved the car from a major catastrophe & only suffered minor damage.

Eddie Haskell
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221 mph and no chute's at Da Grove and he got it stopped? That is amazing! They only run 1/8 mile at the IHRA points meet there.
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