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just got off the phone with stacy mcintyre and the race is PACKED! 150 bracket cars. 3,000-4,000 spectators. 17 outlaw cars showed up for this one and its the same rules as the last race ronnie had where its no rules just 10.5 tires and thats it. heres a quick run down of what stacy told me.

mike & greg chandler both had problems and never made a pass! mike broke lifter when they were warming up the motor.

terry taylor has his son thomas in the car driving now and had problems

danny porter in the blown honda has a motor in the honda now that just ran 3.92 in a adrl car and was all over the track lifting running a 5.27

blown camaro? [email protected] lifted early

purple procharger mustang? blew the tires away bad at the hit and ran [email protected]

***** price lifted "all over the track"

purple XTF vette? did a burnout to the 330 and oiled the track when it stopped.

john butts 4.94 all over the track

black chevy II? 4.81

blown blue chevy II 5.20 all over the track spinning

jason richards top street stock suspension camaro had problems on the line and was pushed off

stacy mcintyre #1 right now with a [email protected] spinning. he ran a [email protected] friday night at 3,000lbs

track temp was 130 in the first round and theres been 4 oil downs so there running way behind as of now.

there was a 5.00 car crash just before he called and it hit both walls just past the finish line! driver was check out and is ok.

quickest pass of the day so far has been the turbo v6 dragster with a 4.26

ill have more updates as he calls me.
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