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Hey turbo outlaw. I never once personally attacked you. If your going to accuse someone of doing something maybe you should make sure that the person your blaming is really the one doing the talking. I do not know nor am I "pitdog". Sorry can't blame me for your problems this time

Got news for you dude nobody cares if you post at promodsource or not. Your just not that big of a deal. Promodsource will survive without you. I'm not sure how in your paranoid world did you ever get it stuck in your head that we really give a shit what you think. More news for you I don't care. I don't like turbo's I also don't think they have a place in promod. Does that make it right no it's my opinion. Just because someone doesn't agree with you, you freak out and it turns into a huge conspiracy against you. Once again nobody cares.

You may not like the source or our views that's fine I don't care. I will let you in on a little secret. Nobody is out to get you! You have stated that "we" personally attacked you. It never happened! If having a debate with someone is attacking then maybe you should stop posting on message boards. You don't like Nick or myself that's fine also. My life will not change one bit with that piece of information. For having such problems with Nick, myself and the source you sure do talk about it a lot.

One final thing. This is my first and only post here. Bash away I don't care. I just felt I needed to set the record straight. Before you go accusing someone of doing something you might want to make sure it is that person or you look like a idiot.

Have a great Holiday season everyone.
1 - 1 of 161 Posts
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