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Turbo Teams Confirmed for Englishtown Pinks Event

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Pinks All Out – Englishtown - to Feature Top Turbo Teams

Pinks All Out comes to Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ on Saturday, July 26. 450 racers will be battling each other for the final 16 spots and the $10,000 grand prize. Exhibition runs beginning at 2 pm will feature the top Outlaw 10.5 and Drag Radial Turbo Teams east of the Mississippi including Shakedown at E’town 10.5 record holder Tim Lynch, Joe Newsham, Jerry Morgano, Ray Johnson, Craig Pio, Terris Hicks, Larry Wood, Donald Hastings, Yanni Papakosmas, Ralph Voorhees, Tim Essick, Chris Little, Alex Vrettos, Brett Hull, Tim Johnson, Paul Major. You won’t want to miss the action as these guys are all testing their combinations in anticipation of the Shakedown at E’town on Saturday and Sun day, October 4 & 5.
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I guess I picked a bad week to go to florida
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