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As you may or may not know we got the back from the chassis shop last week. It was gone for a LONG time, and while it was gone the work that was planned just piled up. Well now that it is back in our hands the work can once again begin! I decided to just start an actual build thread to keep it all organized, so this is the thread for updates this season.

Two years ago Chris (owner) and I built a truck manifold turbo kit. Turbo kit uses a Precision GT42-76, Tial 44 waste gate, and Tial 50mm BOV.

The car used a walbro 255 pump, 60lb injectors, a LS6 intake, and MAF tune (didn't work out so great) 460ish WHP @ 6psi...
Current build is getting
Brand new LQ9 block(370)
Stock Crank
Callies Rods
Wiesco Piston
ARP Main studs
ARP Head Studs
Patriot Stage 3 317 heads, Patriot Gold springs
Fabbed valve covers with -10 bungs for a catch can
Custom Spec'd Turbo Cam
LS7 Lifters
Brand new GM rockers, with comp cams Trunnion Upgrade
LS6 Intake
Stock Ported TB
Speed Inc. Fuel rails
Fuelab regulator
Fuelab filter
-8 feed
-6 return
2 Walbro 255 pumps in tank, With racetronix hot wire kit
The same Truck Manifold Turbo kit is going back on (for now)
Suspension is All Midwest Chassis Everywhere.
Rear Lower control arms, and panhard bar
Front Upper, and lower control arm, Spindle, Manual rack, K-Member
Rear stock spring, with Comp Engineering strut
Front Stage Drag coil over

Midwest chassis Manual Master
Re plumb the entire Car with stainless brake lines, and Strange 4 piston drag brakes @ all 4 corners

DRC Th400 with trans brake
B&M ratchet Carbon Fiber shifter
TCI Trans cooler
PTC Spec'd Turbo Converter

Rear End:
Midwest Chassis Fab 9
spool, 35 spline axles, etc

Motor should be in this week, and the rest of the parts we pretty much have. Just need time to get them all on the car, and get everything else done at the same time. Weight of this car should come in right around 3000 lbs, without a driver (I think). We hope to have the car running in 6-8 weeks, and begin the tunning again. this time it will be a 2 bar SD tune.
Future plans consist of Upgrade to a 99+ ecu, so we can run 3 bar SD, with bigger injectors, and Get a bigger turbo, and Redo the turbo kit!

We started this weekend by mostly pulling out some weight, and generally got the car ready to carpet. I don't really have any pictures of specific work on this, but basically I chopped out un-needed brackets, pulled excess wiring, and anything not needed. Chris got to work pulling the crash bars from the doors, changing the rear brakes, swapping out the rear control arms, and panhard bar to Midwest Chassis pieces. On with the pics.
This is somewhat before work started

Front view (had already pulled the e-brake and center brackets in this pic) You can also see the stock wheel is gone, and the quick release installed.

From the other side

Here is a shot of the stock brakes

A comparison shot between the stock rotor and the strange rotor

And the strange brakes done

Started on the shifter mount/filling the 6-speed shifter hole

Tacked in

didn't get it finished, but its closeish here

whipped up a panel to cover the access hole in the back, you can also see we installed the HVAC delete panel

Here is the pile of shit we pulled from the car

And here is the weight of the pile

Well thats all for this week, it doesn't look like much but it was a lot of tedious work done. Thanks for looking!


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Nothing to exciting to update this weekend, but here it is anyway. We finished pulling all of the un-necessary parts, and lines. Did more work on the shifter mount, but ran out of gas for the welder before I finished. On to the pics!
Started out by turning the car around so we can get to the front easier.

Quick shot under the hood before work started

Having the right tools was key this weekend! This was removing the pedal assembly and the long extension made it a million times easier.

After pulling the brake master cylinder, and the booster. Also the clutch master cylinder is out too.

Up in the air to pull the fuel and brake lines

Here is the pile of shit that got yanked out this weekend and trashed. The top pile is stuff that is going to be modified and put back in.

No more wiper motor/arms. The stock plastic cowl cover is going to go back on.

This picture turned out bad, but this was after everything was pulled out.

Well that is all for this weekend, like I said not too exciting to look at. Now that the last of the tear down stuff is done we can start with the fun part, putting it all back together! Lots of parts came in this week, and the last of them will be here in the next couple of days. Next week should start the more exciting post where it actually looks like we got something done.

Thanks for looking!

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Just got done doing a little electric for the Ta's new friend.

Motor will be delivered monday.. Now i just need 2 weeks off work to make a dent in the car. :)

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Alright kiddies, this week sees some visible progress finally! Ill just skip to the pictures this time around!
Got the motor back to the house and un-crated (They did an awesome job crating this thing up, as noted by the cradle)

We had to muscle it onto the stand since we don't have a cherry picker, but it all worked out just fine.

Not to exciting, but here is the bottom side

Next on my list of shit to do was getting rid of the clutch pedal. Here is what I started with

Took it apart

Found the two welds that attached the clutch part of the assembly to the rest of what actually bolts into the car

Ground them out

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18 Show Content

Then just pooped it off and smoothed it all out

And there you have it, no more clutch pedal and it still bolts to the car the same way so no strength has been lost. I will have to make a piece for the brake pedal to hinge on though.

Finally drilled the holes for the shifter mount (on the car side) so we tossed it in there to check it out. Don't mind the baller bolts :)

While I was doing that, Chris was busy pulling out the rear end so he can take it to get it shortened next week.

So empty

He also cleaned the shit out of the engine bay, and the interior. Then he painted all the bare metal inside to get it all ready for carpet. I wont bother putting pictures of this stuff up. But I will put this one up just because :)

Saturday morning, and we are ready for carpet! Here is Chris smoothing it out before we got started.

Getting started

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Bolted in the shifter for the first time.

It is harder than you think...

This is about as far as the carpet got this weekend, I didn't want to try and tackle the rear bars all alone.

Other than what you see in the pics we finally wrapped up all the small work under the car. All thats left is to clean it which Chris will get done during the week. Next weekend we will start getting the motor together so we can at least get the measurement for push rods. As I said before the rear end is going to Midwest Chassis to get shortened up 3" per side as well. And maybe we can get the carpet finished up so the interior plastics can go back in. Thanks for looking!

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Well, some of that will get trimmed off. In the pictures the front is done, except the trimming on the edges. The roll he got was wider so that it can get across no problem, then I guess it depends how far back you want to go with it. Ill have some pictures of what gets trimmed off.


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Nice Build.
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