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hey guys i've got budget built 350 sbc for a little street car and am going to do a twin turbo setup on it and was wondering what turbos to use? Im lookiong for something really cheap and they dont need to be big. I've heard the horror storys about ebay turbos and dont want to go that route, maybe a factory turbo off something like a grand national or maybe a diesel???? im not looking for big boost just maybe 15-20 pounds on a nearly stock cammed 350 with some iron factory heads,,,, really have no idea where to look for cheap turbos,,, any input would be appreciated

what fuel ??
one of my first engines , was a oem 4 bolt 350 chev block , factory iron 882 chev heads ,dirty old speed pro pistons, with7.2 : 1 compression, scat h beam rods, methanol fuel , and twin turbonetics 57mm turbos, baby single pattern 237 @ 114 flat tappet cam with .510 total [email protected] 24 psi , the engine made 1016 hp and 996 ft/lbs
heaps of fun, and very little maintaince
if you on pump gas, aftercooler is to be added @ this boost level.

if twins is what u want ....the master power deal , is ok ( older garrett style units), or you could get turbonetics for a few hundred dollars more, with warrinty and the latest style HP comp wheels
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