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Turbo oil feed

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I've just got a new engine and need some help deciding where to pull the oil for the turbo. SBC Iron Eagle Block, 418CI. The oil feed is going into the rear port in the block. The rear lifter feeds are blocked completely so all the oil goes through the mains first. Then I have the front lifter feeds restricted to .100.

In my past engines I teed off the oil pressure port to feed the turbos, but with this engine I would rather not take oil away from the mains. Can I use the front oil feed into the block as my feed for the turbo? This way the oil would go through the mains and then feed the lifters and turbo after the mains.

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I feed mine off of the main line that goes from the external oil pump into the rear passenger side of the block. There is a port in my external filter. Make sure the oil feed to the turbo has a filer in it.

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