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turbo 408 sbc,burn up or live

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After seeing that article in car craft this month with the 408 making stupid power with small cam and 8.5 comp...thats sick

I may lean toward turbo twins...on my 408...
heres my question

Will my car make a 30 mile cruise with a 15 min cooldown and then run 3 back to back passes in a row in 19 min. on a 95 degree day..and run consistent like my nos 408 did and won me a championship in pro fastest street car...
or will it burn down on the starting line?
whats opinion on this
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Turbo would probably be more consistant, and easier on the parts, all while making more and more consistant power.

Plus you just can't beat the sound of twin turbos. :smt023
So blow through twins, or efi???? :shock:
blow through for now keep cost down
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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