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i have a 23 degree head sbc with a 1050 dominator and a big shot plate
currently i have 325 tune up in it with -9ngk 61/4 lbs fuel pressure and i am pulling 15 from 36 total

just want some opinions or suggestions on this tuneup

i know plugs are a tell all but just want your input i run 1/4mile

also carb is a #8896 with 81 square jetting

let me know i am in Memphis where its hot n muggy
What's a "325" tune up?
With 81 square jets, the 8896 must still have power valves in it..
Get rid of them... Start with 88's squared...
How much compression? If it isnt more than 13 1/2, only knock about 12 degrees out when the shit hits..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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