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hey all
new guy to the bullet here
.ive been lurking around, and have decided to ask a question
i run a 23* head sb chevy
we run up in denver,at bandimere
air this time of yr is 8000ft :mad: plus density altitude(car was taken out for the 1st time in june, and has never seen air better than 8200 feet, and has seen as bad as 9100ft d/a last week:()
car runs 10.70s to hi 10.80,s at 126-128 mph, depending on air, on motor alone
has ran 9.83 at 136.87 on 100 shot plate kit
this is nx's standard crossbars, in a hvh supersucker 4150-4500 adaptor
ran this tuneup of
57 nos jet
41 fuel jet
9-1/4 fuel psi
6 degrees retard from 37*
opinions on this tune up and do you think i could add some timing or loose some fuel psi in this setup ,as car feels lazy down low -60 ft
according to nx's card they say -10psi is very safe,9 psi is safe,and 8 psi is safe lean(those exact words on card)
i am running 110 octane sunoco blue fuel
motor is 11.5 to compression,and remember i am up in denver so it lowers dynamic compression a bunch
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