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Tucker Carlson focused the top of his Thursday show on New York City's battle with the coronavirus, ripping city officials for increasing the "risk" for citizens and not taking the outbreak seriously in its early stages.

"As this deadly virus emerged from eastern China and began to spread inexorably across the globe, clearly headed here, leaders in New York not only failed to shield their citizens from it, they took affirmative and aggressive steps to increase the risk to their population," Carlson said.

"Why would they do that? Well, because they were worried far more about being called racist than protecting human lives. That's not an overstatement. That's not hyperbole."

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DemonRATS are nothing but America haters, traitors & turncoats. POTUS Trump smelled a Chinese (PRC) rat quickly and closed the West coast down to foreign travelers and...then less then a month later our great POTUS shutdown the East coast, Mexico & Canada to foreign entry!!! Sniffed a biological war coming from the PRC (China). Trumpie saved thousands of American lives and probably saved the country!!! God bless POTUS, Trump!!! The Chinese communist leaders could care less about killing a million or two million of their own people to contaminate the rest of the world...if they could destroy the world economy to their advantage!!!

I hope I am dead wrong....but...we shall see as time rolls by!!! all vote Democrat and kill yourselves and your country...too!!! Wise up...American fools!!!
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