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In converting my 8-pt to 10-pt, we realized that there's no way to get a 100% welds where the halo attaches to the main hoop. The roof prohibits getting the torch around the top of the bars.

All other welds will be complete as the glass is out and the bars can be maneuvered around a little. There's no option since the 8-pt has already been installed.

Since the welds will not be 100% around the joint, I want to add gussets to those joints. I like the look of the tubular gussets, though any gusset would serve the same purpose, I imagine.

The NHRA book doesn't mention gussets, assumedly because they prefer a complete weld, but I have no choice here.

What diameter tube should I get, and where are you guys getting your tubing from?

If anyone has any specs or inside knowledge of how the gussets should be done i.e. certain length, angle, etc. please let me know.

Thanks a lot!
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