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Carl Munroe of TSR Racing Products in, Kenne, New Hamsphire, has far exceeded any expections that I had from even the better racing product suppliers.

I had previously purchased an individual component of their PowerGlide Pro Tree Transbrake Valve Body, planning to build the rest myself to save money.

A stroke of luck enabled me to purchase the entire transbrake, to save time (now that another season wears on with my car still in the garage).

Carl agreeded to credit me the purchase price of the component that I already had against the price of the full kit, and paid for the return shippment of the individual part. Okay, so far, right?

I received the package yesterday. Several hours after opening it and adding it to my pile of parts, I realized that the solenoid wasn't in the box.

Late last night I sent Carl an email outlining the problem. This morning I checked my email, with the dread of another drawn-out problem to get the solenoid, before calling.

Much to my delight, I had already received a note from Carl, telling me that he realized that he had forgotten to include the solenoid and that it was already on its way in another package.

I've never met Carl personally, but I wish I could. I'd like to shake his hand and tell him that I wish we all had more poeple like him to deal with. He tells a pretty good joke, too!

Sid Rousseau
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