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1 big link of good smoked sausage cut in 1/4" rounds or more; (OR use a good 2 pound or so small cubed cut of beef that you like all browned up.)...

Then boil away for a bit and drain the grease.

Next add to your liking.............

5 or 6 diced big potatoes;
A diced green pepper;
How many diced fresh carrots you want?:
A diced medium/big onion;
Whatever amount of stalks of celery you like, short 2" cut here;
Can of peas, and green beans, and corn, etc;
Can of beef broth/consume, or cubes of beef broth to taste;
A small/medium turnip diced;
Can of diced tomatoes;


A small head of Cabbage and/or Broccoli/Brussel Sprouts, or all three together.

And cook way slow so as not to dissolve everything together and then SEASON TO TASTE!!!

I'm in to some S&P, garlic and Tony's..... But not much...

It's out of sight. And the sausage and potatoe soup is GREAT by me!!

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