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Transmission cooler question

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I am finishing up my street/strip 94 camaro and I'm wondering what I should use for a transmission cooler. It will see mostly track but I still want it to be able to be street-driven if push comes to shove and I know the tranny will get hot (especially on the brake). What do you recommend Hutch? It's a th400 with a 10" neal chance 'pro-mod' converter if that helps.

It's a turbo car so I know it builds a lot of heat on the t-brake so I would rather get an overly large one (w/ fans and whatever) than burn up a transmission so any thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated.

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You need a liquid/liquid trans cooler for racing. If you try to use an air/liquid cooler you may find it works for you but after your first burndown I think you will want to get the ice contained liquid/liquid cooler system.

Talk to you soon ,Hutch
Well you can make one or buy one. They consist of a 9X11X1" plate trans oil cooler contained in a box , either in a stand alone configuration which would be filled with ice every pass or with fittings to connect to the intercooler ice water supply from the water tank usually in the trunk.
If your stuck and need one ,let me know as I will be making more coolers shortly. I only make the intercooler water type so far.

Take care ,Hutch
Return water from the intercooler is fine. The trans oil bungs are 1/2" npt and the water bungs are 1" npt. If thats ok I will let you know when they are finished.

Take care ,Hutch
The cooler is made with female bungs, you can install whatever AN fitting you want. This just allows for no restrictions and the possibility of a #16an water fitting .

Take care ,Hutch
Getting close but im making a pretty good run of them and im not qute finished making all the weld bungs yet.
I'll see what I can do.

Take care ,Hutch
Im just waiting for the welder to finish the boxes and pressure testing. The weld bungs I made are 1" npt for the water and 1/2" npt for the trans oil. I would wait until you see the layout of the box as you may want 90's or 45's instead of straights.
I hope to see finished parts soon ,I'll bug him tomorrow and see what I can find out.

Take care ,Hutch
I don't post any pricing here as this forum is more focused on help not sales, email me your number and we can talk.

Take care ,Hutch
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