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Not an issue...

I have been pushing some fluid out of the JW cased PG in my car. I wasn't sure exactly where the fluid was coming from so I installed a fitting and vent hose last time I raced it so today I can clearly see it's coming from the vent. I was doing some back to back passes Sat in the late rounds and the trans was hotter than usual at about 220 degrees. I don't think it was overfilled but a friend told me to install a puke can on it. I have never seen that before. Anyone else have to do that? RM
My Coan did the same thing, blew fluid out the vent and under the car after some pretty close together rounds. I make shifted a catch can out of a MelloYello bottle and made a couple hits, after 2 passes it was clean and works flawlessly now. I guess I had overfilled it a little and it had to get rid of the additional fluid. It's hot here in MS, so I'm sure that probably contributed to the problem.

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