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Torsion bar frontend

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How fast have you gove with a torsion bar frontend. and what kind of suspension do you have with it. Thanks
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I've got a 1970 Dart with a LRT frontend, that uses the torsion bars, and has rack and pinion steering. CalTracs and split mono leafs in the rear. True 10.5 tires. Trying to get the suspension under control, it's either on the bumper or spinning, but it's getting closer. In Denver, 7700 ft DA or so, 8.90's @ 155.
Dave, any info on where to find the LRT stuff? Not really a whole lot out there for Mopars and this sounds like it might work for me.

Sure it's,
# 630-483-1554
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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