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Tornado touches down in St Paul MN

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:shock: :shock:
i live right by st.paul and there has been no tornado there. just lots of wind and rain.
It was confirmed on MSNBC
Keep us up to date that everything is fine OK?
No Damage....a few trees ....will report on first light
lots of damage shitload of trees down lots of houses wrecked. at first they said it was straight line winds, now they say it was a tornado. didnt hit saint paul though just the northern suburbs of minneapolis, definetly made a hell of a mess. only one death when a big tree limb fell on a man in minneapolis crushing him, could have been alot worse.
Thanks for the report Kelly.....and WELCOME to Yellow Bullet......We Report......then fight like cats and dogs about it :p
Yeh,it was a pretty bad storm,lots of damage,but I don't think FEMA or Bush will show up. :shock: Local official's will take care of it as usual!
So what your sayin is you have qualified people out there :roll:
Na,We just know that were not that important :lol: Were just used to it being handled that way!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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