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went to the gun show last weekend to look at some of the "slim design" carry weapons.
i went to hold a kahr cw40 and a walther pps. bummed to find out that my fingers are too large to comfortably work the triggers in either of these guns.
i ended up buying a Taurus PT740 slim. this is a 40 cal that is about the same size as the others i mentioned. i had heard and read some poor reviews of some of the small taurus weapons but at 349 out the door i figured what the heck.
ran about 100 rounds through it with no problems at all. the sights needed to be adjusted to keep it from shooting low at 20 ft but that is it.
i never was able to get the sights adjusted to where it did not pull left so i pulled out the fnx 40 and found out it was me not the gun.
the recoil on the 185gn federal ammo through the taurus was to say the least "fiesty". after shooting 50 rounds through it and then firing the fnx, the fnx felt like a bb gun.
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