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Hey guys, this is in reference to a 1979 Camaro ET bracket car

Current specs
ET's in the low 11's, naturally aspirated, consistancy is PARAMOUNT
60' times when the track is there, 1.57's or so (footbraking)
9", 5300 flash, torque peak is 4700, HP peak 6500, flat as the prairies
TH350 trans, 10 bolt w/4.10s, 12.5x28x15 ET Street bias
4 Gal fuel cell in trunk, Optima battery in trunk, extreme RH side, 120 # ballast in trunk
Stock replacement leaf springs, Cal Trac bars, lower hole, zero preload
Koni shocks, set full loose (front and back)
Energy bushings up front, Moroso drag coils shortened 1 coil, a good 5 inches of suspension travel up front, little effort to pull up on a corner.

The problem
Besides wanting to go quicker, when the track prep isn't perfect, or if I remove the exhaust system, the 60' times fall off, as bad as a tenth in the 60', or even worse it will throw out a odd 60' time, usually in eliminations, causing a (potential) breakout, or the car won't run the number.
The car (when the hook is there) will lift both front tires a couple of inches off the ground, but it porpoises (sp?) a couple of times up to the 330 clocks

The cure up until now
Gave up on removing the exhaust (it adds 60# to the car mostly in the rear seat area
about 120 # of ballast, mounted about a foot behind the rear axle, trunk level
Different settings on the rear shocks and Cal Tracs, without success

Future plans
9x29.5x15 ET Drag slicks, have them but not mounted yet, on the recommendation from a tech at M/T, stating my 8.5" wide rim causes excessive crowning on my 10" tire face currently, and also looking for more rollout for greater contact patch.
Calvert split mono springs
solid rear bushings in frame and leaf springs to compliment the solid bushings in the front of the leafs

What I want to do
Lose the ballast (better ET), lose the exhaust (better ET), go to a 4.56 gear, possibly change to a more efficient 8 inch converter. The car weighs 3465 with me not including the ballast and exhaust, I HATE hauling the extra weight just to get a hope of consistant traction.

The question
Is there anything I'm doing wrong, going about it the wrong way, etc? Can you offer any suggestiions short of a back half job?

Thanks for any info you care to divulge,

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60' times are worse in the top hole.
Update, I have just mounted up a shiney new set of M/T 9x29.5 ET Drag slicks, and a new more efficient 8 inch converter is currently being built. Depending on how the traction is this friday I may try the upper hole again to see what it does, at least it's an easy adjustment.
I am truely hoping the tires were the big problem, the old one's being too wide for the rims, a good 1.5 inches shorter, and having unneeded tread.

Thanks for the reply Jim, keep an eye on this thread, I'll keep you posted.
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