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TIG welding aluminum.

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As I understand it TIG welding aluminum is not like steel in that the puddle you get is different. for the life of me I could not remember what "different" meant.

any tips or hints you guys can throw my way??

I found with the SS tubing Im welding, if I go over the area with a real light peddle & warm up the area, B4 I put heat into it, it wants to weld better. I just strike an arc, back off to where it will just keep the arc going & then run it back & forth over about 1 1/2" & heat it up some. then go back to the starting point, put a little more heat into it & it puddles up nice & I can just run right through that 1 1/2" area.

thanks folks
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The puddle is less fluid, and you shouldn't have to preheat your stainless, either. Stainless requires less input than carbon steel does.
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