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TIG welding aluminum.

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As I understand it TIG welding aluminum is not like steel in that the puddle you get is different. for the life of me I could not remember what "different" meant.

any tips or hints you guys can throw my way??

I found with the SS tubing Im welding, if I go over the area with a real light peddle & warm up the area, B4 I put heat into it, it wants to weld better. I just strike an arc, back off to where it will just keep the arc going & then run it back & forth over about 1 1/2" & heat it up some. then go back to the starting point, put a little more heat into it & it puddles up nice & I can just run right through that 1 1/2" area.

thanks folks
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Its different physically...its still becoming molten, which is what causes it to "puddle". It does however look slightly different. When aluminum gets to the molten stage, it becomes very shiny, and almost mirror like. This is when you know to add filler rod.
Yeah, I think I picked up that trick from here actually. Ive used the inverter machines, which dont require changing tungsten. Someone told me not to on my machine either(not an inverter), and I tried it, and it works nicely!
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