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Came across this,

gen 4 F body, thought it was intersting. anybody want to add ?

Fuel pumps, intercoolers, dash, door panels, windhields ......

Engine Compartment
460.9 lbs- LS1 (5.7L) Manual with oil and flywheel428.8 lbs-
L36 (3.8L) Manual with oil and flywheel405.5 lbs-
LS1 (5.7L) Auto with oil and flexplate391.2 lbs-
L36 (3.8L) Auto with oil and flexplate40 lbs-
Optima red-top battery (sounds heavy???)32 lbs-
Madman manual rack & PA chromemoly k-member25 lbs-
Pair of stock manifolds with AIR tubes off LT118 lbs- AC compressor with lines18 lbs-
ATI 3 core F-Body intercooler17 lbs-
AC compressor with lines14 lbs-
Dyna Battery12 lbs-
Plastic insulation on firewall12 lbs-
. ATI 2 core F-Body intercooler11 lbs-
Full windshield washer reservoir10 lbs-
ABS unit9 lbs- AC condensor9 lbs-
AC condensor with accumulator8-9 lbs-
OEM motor mounts (pair)8 lbs- Bracket for PS/AC compressor7 lbs-
Competition Engineer solid motor mounts7 lbs-
AIR pump hoses and bracket4.4 lbs-
Cruise control3 lbs- EGR valve and aluminum tube3 lbs-
Wiper motor3 lbs-
BMR 2 point strut tower brace3 lbs-
All exhaust heat shields2 lbs-
Factory oil cooler lines1.5 lbs-
Horns (pair)1lbs- Heater core lines

Drive Train

190 lbs- Moser 9" (3.250 bearing) w/35 spline axles,
Strange nodular iron section, full spool, 3:70 gears, no oil135 lbs-
Stock 7.5 rear end w/3.73 gears and oil40 lbs-
Centerforce heavy flywheel35 lbs-
Vigilante torque coverter new in box (inc box!)34 lbs-
Steel 2pc V6 driveshaft including center bearing carrier28 lbs-
A TH400 with 9" converter is 28 lbs lighter than the 4L60E20.5 lbs-
LT1 stock flywheel20 lbs-
LT1 stock flywheel16 lbs-
Stock steel LT1 driveshaft12.5 lbs-
TPiS lightweight flywheel12.2 lbs- 3rd gen aluminum 1LE driveshaft12 lbs-
LPE aluminum driveshaft11.5 lbs- Stock aluminum LS1 driveshaft10 lbs-
RK Sport aluminum 1pc driveshaft10 lbs- ???
brand lightweight flywheel4 lbs- Transmission tunnel insulation

Wheels & Tires

58 lbs- AFS chrome 17x11 GS offset wheel with new Dunlop SP8000 315/35/17 tire56 lbs-
AFS chrome 17x11 GS offset wheel with BALD Dunlop SP8000 315/35/17 tire :)56 lbs- 18x9 chrome Cobra R replica wheels with 285/35/18 tires55 lbs- AFS silver 17x11 GS offset ZR1 wheel with new tire55 lbs- 17" Prime chrome 5 Stars with 275/40 tire55 lbs- 17" chrome Firewhawk wheel with new tire54.5 lbs- Replica SS wheel with Khumo 712 275/40 tire52 lbs- AFS chrome 17x9.5 ZR1 wheel with new Dunlop SP8000 275/40/17 tire50 lbs- OZ Monte Carlo 17x9.5 with 1/3 tread 275 GSC50 lbs- AFS polished 17x11 GS offset ZR1 wheel with new 315 BFG Comp TA drag radial48 lbs- 16x8 stock chrome 5 star with Kuhma Estca Supra 712 tires (V rated)45 lbs- 99 TA stock 16" chrome wheels and tire (SZ 50)44 lbs- 93-96 Camaro wheel with Nitto drag41.5 lbs- 93-96 Camaro wheel with bald 255 BFG drag radial40 lbs- Weld Pro Star (15x10) with new Hoosier QTP 28x11.5-15 (no tube)35.3 lbs- New Dunlop SP8000 315/35/17 tire31 lbs- New Dunlop SP8000 315/35/17 tire - hmm?31 lbs- Kumho Victoracers 275/40/17 tire30 lbs- New Dunlop SP8000 275/40/17 tire29 lbs- 97 to 99 Vette standard rear wheel28 lbs- Kumho Victoracers 315/35/17 tire27 lbs- Weld Pro Stars (15x3.5) with Cooper 165R tire27 lbs- 18x9 chrome Cobra R replica wheel25.5 lbs- Hoosier A3S03 Autocross tire 315/35-1725 lbs- Firestone SZ50EP stock size tire25 lbs- New Futura 275/40/17 tire24.5 lbs- Goodyear GSC 245/50/16 tire24 lbs- 97 to 99 Vette magnesium rear wheel22.5 lbs- Hoosier A3S03 Autocross tire 275/40-1722 lbs- 90 Vette stock wheel 17x9.522 lbs- Hoosier R3S03 275/45/16 tire22 lbs- 01 Camaro SS 17x9 wheel22 lbs- 2 piece Centerline Sabre type 17x9.5 wheel21.5 lbs- 97 to 99 Vette 18x9.5 wheel20.06 lbs- 00 Vette standard rear wheel20.5 lbs- OE ZR1 17x9.5 wheel20.5 lbs- AFS replica 16" SS wheel20.1lbs- 97 to 99 Vette magnesium front wheel20 lbs- CCW 17x10 wheel20 lbs- CCW 17x11 wheel20 lbs- 3 piece Centerline Sabre 17x9.5 wheel19.5 lbs- 1996 stock Camaro wheel19.5 lbs- Stock 5 star 16" Z28 wheel19 lbs- 2000 stock Camaro wheel19 lbs- 97 to 99 Vette 17x8.5 wheel18-19 lbs- Centerline 17x9.5 wheel18.08 lbs- 00 Vette standard front wheel18 lbs- Fiske FM5 17x9.5 wheel17 lbs- 2000+ stock Camaro wheel (different than above?)13 lbs- Weld Pro Star (15x8)10 lbs- Weld Pro Star (15x3.5)10 lbs- Bogart DragStar 15x10 racing wheel
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