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I'm a quiet guy, so you can appreciate how frustrated I am just to be venting here.

Have a 89 K1500 with DynamicEFI ecu, 385, TPI that need tuning (still needs finishing off). Delivered the vehicle, running poorly to CK at L.S. in Red Deer, AB.

- Shop had the truck for over a year, charged $$.
- When I went the first time to pick up 'finished' truck it would barely run, broken injector harness, (3hr drive one way), charged $$.
- Rented a truck and trailer and took down a 4runner turbo project and trailered the Chev home, started only to drive up in trailer.
- Truck ran like crap, Rob Rausher's canned starter tune ran better than L.S. tune.
- Found fuel pressure transducer wired wrong.
- WB seemed wonky (noted) tried autotune and failed, with weather improving here had a good look at the WB, these guys melted the controller off at some point (chit happens) and cut it out and soldered the harness back together- so... working WB but non functional. Did I say they charged for the 'repair', charged $$.
- For the amount of money down the drain I could have taken the time and done it myself.
- I don't yell and scream, but I definitely can't recommend the place......I went down and liberated the Toyota, charged $$.
- In all honesty I have no idea how a company stays in business this long with workmanship like this.
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