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Well I hate to rain on your Parade, but my NPS car is going to be a real street car, Lic. and insured PERIOD. Now it might not have another AIRBAG other than the driver, and things like E'brake and heater delete, but it will be a street car. Hell I'm trying now to fit the stereo in and see where it can go. BUT also for NPS rules that are in place right now, there could be a 25 mile or so drive at ANY event they seem fit. Just remember that when everyones trashing my class. I love this "OLD TIME" class style of heads up racing, and I do hate the fact that these upper guys are running TOP SHELF 632's. Maybe like my if there going to run with the Big Chief heads, they should be under 500 inches. 632's for N/A ONLY. I don't know as I don't dwell on it much. I do think I can run in the 7.70 range with some time in the seat, but a .50 will be with a 200 mph tailwind. I can remember seeing the "CARS" team running all over the place, and thought that was cool. Natural progression is to just go faster, and that's what happened. But this class needs to be saved and kept in the 7.5 range. Those guys that are there now should just lean on there stuff as hard as I'm planning on, and than they can run TOP STREET. But they, (NSCA) should MAKE SURE there is a cruise for the Milan race where there will be alot of cars in the class. John's CANADIAN 2 CENTS. 8)
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