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Hey Rick,

Yea, thats a toughie there. we just started up a "heads up street car series" here in San Diego & #1 & #2 cars were both mid 8 second cars. there is NO way I can compete with that, about the only way I could win is to hope that either they break or dont show, even then there are plenty of low 9 second cars around that are ahead of me. Im sure we could "Rule" the heck out of it, & weed out a lot of cars, but where theres a will there's a way. the winner has a 12" tired Nova with a small block & one stage. how do I rule him out? I cant, its just one heck of a tough combination, that runs a serious number. for now Im first round warm up material, fortunately, I get to make T&T runs the rest of the day, to ease the pain. LOL.

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