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The...Don't ask me how I know game

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I saw this on another site and it's been very
: entertaining and a good "reminder"
: thread, so thought I would start it here to
: have a little fun.
: It's informative sometimes but always very
: entertaining.
: The only "rule" you must add the
: following at the end of you post.
: It seems to add something when reading the
: replies.

Years ago...

You unload and try and start your buddies circle track car at the races, and it won't start...Because the eng is back in the garage


You install an engine on the dyno starts, It runs but dyno won't put a load on or read eng

The drive plate would help!

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After you order 8 pitchers at a table at Hooters they will ask you to leave, and no, you can not move to another table...
There is a buzzer on the bed in Elvis' plane in Graceland.. a loud one.
Don't ask me how i know..
If you drop the forks of a huge forklift onto a bowling ball, the ball will not crack, but if you run it over with the forklift, it still will not crack and the forklift will get stuck on it... and if you use another forklift to pick up on the stuck forklift to get the bowling ball out, you can pinch and tear a hydraulic line and render the forklift useless until it is fixed.

Don't ask me how i know..
If you pull a 454 out with an engine hoist, and you forget to extend the legs, you can not stop it from flattening the oil pan on the floor by standing on the back.

Don't ask me how i know..
Don't leave the 1/2" breaker bar on the crankshaft bolt after the converter swap is complete........
A VW with a bad floor pan does NOT float...

If you are walking in your attic, you can not step on fluffy insulation. You have to stay on the walk boards..

If you are dating three girls at once, you should call them all Baby or some other generic pet name of endearment that is easy to remember..

Don't ask me how I know.
A neutral drop in an AWD Toyota van to try to do a four-wheel burnout will cost a lot of money.

No matter how drunk you get, using a squeege at the gas station to remove mud from the side of a black 4x4 is not a good idea.

If one of your drunk buddys comes out of a bedroom and tells your other drunk buddy to trade shirts and go in and try to fuck her and act like it is him, she WILL catch on and get mad...

1 - 9 of 175 Posts
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