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The best video you will see on the internet!!!

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Click HERE to see this priceless video.. :-D
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damn i dont remember how that one goes bout "give to me your leather...."
Now thats funny right there

Sparky said:
Real nice Monty, now look what you started, I keep getting phone calls from Star Search.
Something about giving the Energizer Bunny some competition??
Mr. Glidden feels that I definitely need help and thinks there isn’t a psychiatrist in the country that can help me. I might be beyond help??

Hopefully, you all laugh at this (Video).
Life doesn't have to be so serious all the time!
Star search ??????
monty... can you send me this video? i can't get it to upload... sparky doing choc salty balls in the pink bunny suit... i would love you forever dude ")
Margie, Monty is out of town for a few weeks. I have a copy I can e-mail to you. Give me an e-mail addres and I'll send it over. He was a funny mo fo!
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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