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The best video you will see on the internet!!!

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Click HERE to see this priceless video.. :-D
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Monty Mikho said:
Jimmy Biggs said:
Where's the Blonde's Pic??
I just didnt think it would be right to post a video of people I didnt know... :oops: See even I have a limit to me... :-D
You must be in LUV :roll: .....She's goota be cute :wink:
85Camaro said:
(Note to self buy fuzzy costume for working on cars in :-D )

Monty.....send it to me....I'll put it up.....Powski hates me already :p
garyj said:
Jimmy Biggs said:
Gay people can sing :wink:
:-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :-gay :smt033
Powski^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Me ^^^
Kelly and I are coming next week to do a Donny and Marie song :p
1 - 8 of 46 Posts
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