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We are honored to be one of recipients of The MoparMax Most Magnificent Awards. Check it out in the March issue of MoparMax Magazine

Best Belt Tensioner for HEMI Engines – No More Belt Slip or Breakage
American Racing Solutions

The ultimate solution to HEMI engine belt slip and breakage problems, the American Racing Solutions billet HEMI tensioner. For the whole story, see our review by Richard Kratz at:

We’re sort of experts on serpentine belt problems on HEMI engines. We’ve broken five a day on more than one occasion. On our 900+ horsepower MoparMax Maulin’ Magnum the extreme torque and power overwhelmed any OEM-style tensioner we tried. We broke a bunch of tensioners too, as the power of the engine and the demands of racing subjected OEM-style tensioners to flex, twist and bending forces.
One look at the American Racing Solutions billet HEMI tensioner and you know that flex has been banished forever. The tensioner is so pretty we want to frame our mount on the wall of our office, but it belongs under the hood. The whole thing is clear anodized which makes the pulley more resistant to wear. You can get the ARS in two versions, a Race unit that features 50 pounds of spring tension and a Street version that has 38 pounds. For reference, factory style units are 15-18 pounds depending on the vendor.
We used to get only a few passes on the track (at best) out of a belt. Once we installed the ARS unit, we put 46 laps on a belt and it is still going strong. But even better, the higher tension reduces belt slip on our small supercharger pulley and we went from 10.2 pounds of boost to 11.6, which equated to our best ETs ever at 9.80 seconds, more than .050 seconds faster than our prior best. If you have a modified, high output HEMI engine, you need to check out American Racing Solutions.
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