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WOW WHAT A WEEKEND!! I will say that this event from start to finish was one of our best events yet!! We learn something new every year and we continue to make changes to find that happy balance to try and make everyone happy. The hard work, long hours and stress throughout the year certainly paid off. We saw thousands of smiling faces all weekend long and 100’s of compliments throughout the weekend.

With that said I would like to say thank you to several people who really make this event what it is.

First, I want to thank my beautiful wife Maria Szkudlarek Mikho for putting up with me and always being by my side no matter what. I am truly the luckiest man alive!! You are one of a kind and I am very lucky to call you mine!! I am truly blessed!!

David Mikho I don’t ever feel I say thank you enough for all you do. Please know all that you do never goes unnoticed!! Thank you for helping out all year to make these the best event ever!!

Jim Halsey, Cathy Crouse, Richard Crouse, Dave O'Donnell, Chad Porter, Anthony Frassetto, Jake Green, Mark Wancowicz, Kyle Anthony Tipton, Nick Tipton, Alaex Hayes, Arron, Norm, Manuel, Julie, Sandra, Susan Steinman, Karen Aylmer Reisler and everyone else on the Cecil crew this past weekend – I will never be able to say thank you enough to everyone at Cecil County Dragway for all the help they provide and getting everything organized for this event. All of you are truly amazing people.

Mickey Thompson, Induction Solutions, Jesel, Moran Motorsports, Neal Chance Racing Converters, Precision Turbo, Mark Williams, Brodix, Moroso, VP Fuels, RPM Magazine, Davis Technologies, Speedwire, Holeshot Wheels, MotorSports Innovators, Moroso, Jerry Bickel Racecars, Ultimate Converter Concepts, John Sears & Salvato Designs. I really hope each and every one of you know how much I appreciate the support for this event. The race keeps getting better every year and this is all possible due to every one of you. Thank you!

Holeshot Marlene Leviten Morton and Jeff Eastburn– How can I even put into words the thanks you two deserve. Marlene, Maria and I so miss seeing you and we were hoping to see you this year. We hope to see you there next year. Jeff, you once again knocked it outta the park!! Thank you so much for everything you and Hoopes Fire Prevention, Inc. do for us!!

David Erica Coleman – I really wish I could put into words how much I appreciate both of you. Every year you two do so much for us yet never mention a word about it. Both of you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you so much!

Lee Sebring & M Max Scherwin, I want to thank you for all your hard work and keeping the fans entertained all weekend long!! Both of you are very knowledgeable and provide a lot of information and history about the racers to the fans. We all thank you for that.

Special thank yous go out to Patty Comparato DeMichele, Maria,David, Robert Norbeck, Dalibor Dimovski, Josh Mungin, Caey Sadlowski, Sarah Sadlowski, Michael J Mills Jr., Seth Cohen and many more for helping with hanging banners, getting ready for the kids contest, selling shirts, shaking hands and kissing babies!! You guys are the absolute best and this event would not be possible with great people like you!!

Motormania TV – Joanne Walter, Mark Walter, Matt Walter and all involved – We so appreciate you guys covering our event for the 10th year in a row. You guys are hands down the best in the business!! We and fans around the world appreciate you all!!

Thank you to all of our media/photograpers for covering this event. Steven Auglis, Tara Bowker, Seth Cohen, Lisa Dunn, Betty Edwards, Joe Edwards, JL Ervin, David Gates, Fredrick Hardy, Austin Hayes, Charlie Hayes, Jeff Kline, Penny Kuser, Johnny Law, Tom McCarthy, Mikel Miranda, Courtney Paulshock Jason Reiss, Bill Robaey, Sarah Sadlowski, Casey Sadlowski, Donald Staib, Damon Steinke, Mark Tinari, Nick Tucci and Bill Weicker.

I cannot forget about all the good-hearted people who donated so much stuff to us for the kid’s contest.

McKenzie Straley, Brian Hard, Tyler Hard & Kevin Kendra McCurdy for giving us 100’s of shirts to give to the kids. That was truly amazing.

Fletcher Cox for giving us an official autographed jersey to give a lucky person and better yet thank you for taking time to come hang out with the kids!! Things like this are memories they will never forget!!

Bob Romano thank you for the bean bag game donation!! That was one of the first things to go!!

Steve King and Mike Desi Reynolds thank you for giving us so many shirts to give to the kids!! That was very nice of you guys to do.

Joe Schroeder Sr. & family thank you for donating shirts to the kid’s contest. Words cannot describe what things like this mean to us and the kids. Thank you!

Jeff Salvato, thank you for donating X275 backpacks. I promise ya I was about to take one for myself. Those were very nice backpacks bud!!

(My brain is mush and I cannot remember the couples name ☹) for always donating money to give to the kids and this year adding in a Black Betty shirt to give away.

Thank you to Larry Mack and the Warriors Outlaw racers for putting on one hell of a show for the fans.

I also want to thank all those who sport the YB stickers on their cars throughout the year to help advertise the event. Thanks to Jim Halsey, Mo Hall, Brian Chin, Rick Steinke, Jacki Steinke, Mike Pyott, Luis Martinez, Anthony Frassatto, Manuel and several others I am forgetting!!

Thanks goes out to all those who set up match races for this event and got the fans up on their feet as they approached the line - Jay Cox vs Jim Halsey, Chuck Ulsch vs Steve King, Brian Chin vs Nick Schroeder, Chris Evans vs Jeff Kinsler, Brian Keep vs Mike N Robin Thompson (sorry ya broke Mike but you still created a lot of hype for this event and I thank you for that!!)

Special thanks goes out to Brian Chin for making a memorial pass in memory of Patricia Poltrone Patterson. Thank you to Justin Gehret, Candace Borys and several others for coming to the starting line to share this moment with everyone. RIP Patricia!!

Thank you to Kelley & Jimmy, Robert Norbeck, John Laura Sears, Patty, Seth, Diana Nassar Mack ,M Max Scherwin and many others for bringing us food and goodies this past weekend!

Thanks to every racer, crew member and fan that came out to support this event. There is a lot of work put into this deal and we appreciate all of you supporting it. We hope to see each and every one of you again next year.

I am sure I missed a lot of people and I am very sorry for that. Please do not think for a second that I did not appreciate everything you did for us. This is a team effort by all, and I am just a very small part of it. Thank you to everyone who helped us this past weekend and throughout the year. I am sure I will be making many edits to this post. Sadly I am fighting a bad cold now and need to get a bit of rest so please post up if I forget ya… It was not intentional as I appreciate everything everyone does for us.

I would also like to congratulate all the winners of the 2019 YellowBullet Nationals!! Congrats guys!!

Pro Modified – Tyler Hard
Outlaw 10.5 - Mo Hall
Top Sportsman – Mike Newman
X275 – Charles Hull
Ultra Street – John Albrecht Jr.
Warriors Outlaw – James Smith
8.50 Index – Dan Purdy
10.00 Index – Chris Yeznach
Super Pro Street – Jim Saiber
Pro Dial – Steven McMillan
Girls Kids Contest 1st - Alexa Santacroce - 9 YO
Girls Kids Contest 2nd - Brooklyn D. - 8 YO
Girls Kids Contest 3rd - Bella Saponaro - 12 YO
Boys Kids Contest 1st - Morgan Cumming - 10 YO
Boys Kids Contest 2nd - Dante Santacroce - 4 YO
Boys Kids Contest 3rd - Carson Salvatore - 4 YO

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Well another YB nats has come and gone , and IMHO this was the best one yet !!
I've been to all 10 (but only raced in 8 ) and maybe one day i'll even win ….lol
Finally got to meet your beautiful wife're a very lucky man Monte, super nice girl, and does a FANTASTIC job with the kids grandkids love her (my grand daughter even has a pic of herself and Maria as her screen saver !
this year seemed to be VERY organized, and the entire weekend went off without a hitch ( as far as I could tell )
YB nats is the only race the entire family looks forward to all year ,always a great time!!

thanks for putting on this race..can't wait till next year !!

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You guys fucking rock!

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as the perfect drag racing event, but the 2019 Nationals sure seemed like it was. I really think you found the perfect balance of classes and car count. Thank you for all you have done, for the 10th year in a row, we had a great time!
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