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Here is some more info

the secondary injectors come in around 2500 rpm and give us the ability to fine tune each cylinder as needed when under power. the fuel distribution of a screw is much better than a roots style that wants to push the fuel to one end of the plenum. with the current tune, the plugs look almost identical from front to rear. i give most of the credit to Mike Moran for getting things so close. all i had to do was offer some input and suggestions along the way. i'll say it wasn't quick and easy to get it this way but it sure is nice now that it is.
most blown alky como's don't like to start right up (on alky alone) when running a mag unless the cranking rpm is near 250 rpm. this combo fires off surprisingly well at a low 155 cranking rpm. we do have a gasoline primer in it just in case though.
at one point we actually drained the alky from the rails. we had zero fuel pressure at that point. about 6-8 seconds of cranking and it lit right off.

we'll do some additional fine tuning at the track but it's pretty darn good as it is IMO.
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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