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Thanks Gilsbach..

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Thanks Bill and Dave at Gilsbach Racecraft for handling everything so professionally today. Sorry the "to do" list is so long but after seeing your work on cars you have done I thought I would add to the "to do" list....

Gilsbach will be building and fabricating..

New wheelie bars
Rear spoiler
Making a water cell
A frame for the decklid and hood to attach to
A driveshaft enclosed (I call is a tunnel but got yelled at for it :-D )
Tin work on the double framerail area
Window net
Mounting some electronics, water pump for intercooler, g-meter and fire bottle
Mounting and fabricating a radiator mount
Crossover pipes to mount twins on :shock:
Exhaust for both sides
Firewall tin work
Manifold work
Motor plates
Plumbing the brakes
Installing a rear gear
Installing the rear brakes
Mounting the hood
And some other stuff I forgot to list Im sure..

Again thanks for the professional manner in the way you guys handled everything.. :D
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matt mcarthur said:
cool, i like the way my 73Z looked with a 4" harwood. i thought about the forward facing like you had and even talked to you about it before, but i decided true 10.5 cars look silly with those types of hoods... 8)
I agree. Those forward facing scoops look stupid on small tire cars. Monty we gotta have some pictures of the updates as they happen.
I think Robbie has one of the baddest stock looking racecars out there. I love that the windows ae still operational. Cant wait to see his car in 06.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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