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i picked up my TH400 last week and i am trying to figure out how to setup my speedometer. The shop gave me the tranny with just a plastic cover over the speedometer gear housing hole. I know i can get the speedometer housing and gear from TCI, but if the drive gear is not on the shaft, it would be meaningless. I took a picture of a gear that is kind of spirally toward the front main case and counted the teeth on it as best as i could and it has 11 teeth on it. Could that be the drive gear?

Or should the drive gear be directly above the speedo housing?

I am using a autometer electronic speedometer and already have the sender unit to attach to the speedometer housing but if the drive gear is not present, it does not do me any good.

If they didn't install the drive gear, how hard would it be to install one now when the transmission is already together?

Is it just basically take the rear tailshaft housing off?
What if the hole is not present for the pin to hold the plastic drive gear on?

Help Hutch or other TH400 transmission experts. :confused::prayer:
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