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My Dad and I, when I was about 15 were hunting late in the afternoon, just before dark. We spotted a nice buck on a ridge about 300 yards away, across a fresh clear cut. He was out of range for me with a .30 .30 so Dad took a pop at him with his .270, when the gun fired the deer disappeared. It was getting dark and we didnt have a light so we had to go back home to get one. By the time we got home it was really dark so we left our guns at home and got a couple of flashlights and returned to the spot. We made our way across the clear cut to the area where the buck was and started looking for him. We walked around a brush pile and there laid the deer, laying down cow fashion with head up looking at us. We didnt have a gun so Dad walked up to the deer and hit it in the head with his 5 cell Maglite, when it fell over he cut its throat. We were both surprised the this deer had no horns, it was a doe, but you know how it is around dusk and thought that maybe we just thought we had seen a buck. We grabbed hold and started to drag her out when we stumbled upon the 10 point buck Dad had shot lying dead in his tracks. The doe I guess was just laying down and met her demise by the maglite. When we got home and skinned her out, sure enough she didnt have a bullet hole anywhere. I have never heard of anyone else killing a deer with a maglite, have you?

That's a good one!
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