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Team Aruba Named Best-Appearing Crew at SGMP

UNION, SC (Apr. 28, 2010) — Last weekend, Extreme Pro Stock’s Team Aruba proudly accepted the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) ‘Best-Appearing Crew’ award at the ADRL Hardee’s Georgia Drags VI in Valdosta, Georgia.
“We were thrilled to win the Best-Appearing award,” Team Arubas driver Trevor Eman said. “Our new uniforms reflect the festive and natural beauty of Aruba. We were very happy to be recognized for our efforts.”

Off the track at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP), Team Aruba was kept busy throughout the two-day event, meeting hundreds of fans as spectators swamped the pits to meet the team.
“It was great to meet so many people who support our team,” Eman said. “I had the opportunity to discuss Aruban travel and autograph many hero cards to give to our guests. We really had a great time.”
Team Aruba fans also showed support for the team by donating nearly $500.00 to Autism Speaks, an organization that Team Aruba has been a part of for several years.
“For every $2.00 donation to Autism Speaks, we give away a free Autism Speaks T-shirt to show our appreciation. We received a lot of support; our shirts were gone in just a few hours!”
Team Aruba held strong during Extreme Pro Stock (XPS) qualifying, too, improving in each of three rounds from 4.21 seconds at 172.19 mph in the oening session, to 4.18 at 172.45 in round two, until finally managing a 4.13 at 176.21 mph on Friday night to place them 14th in the 16-car field.
Their race weekend ended in the first round of eliminations, however, as an early start by Eman turned on the red light and handed the win to Cary Goforth.
ADRL fans can follow Team Aruba online through their Facebook page, where they can view exclusive video, see upcoming events, and discuss Team Aruba with fellow drag racing enthusiasts.
(ADRL/Richards photos)
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