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T350/CSR Full Shield/Vent Line

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Ok, after a couple of hours trying to get this darn vent line I need some help. I have a Coan 3speed(T350) with a full CSR shield. Problem I am having is the
vent port in the case was tapped for 1/8th inch pipe. I cannot get the right combination of fittings to get a line conneceted to the vent port and still have
the shield fit properly on the trans. I don't know what else to try aside from modifying the shield or getting that plastic valve part for a stock T350 that I use to
have before Coan tapped the darn vent hole. I use to then just put a 3/8th hose right on the plastic nipple then over to my puke tank.

Does anyone have a pic of their setup I can take a look at?

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