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T&D Rockers - Very Minimal Clearance between Rocker and Retainer.

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Just setting up some 3128 T&D Rockers on my Brodix -3Xtra heads. I’m pretty sure I have the stands shimmed as close as I can get it to perfect.
But, the rockers look pretty damn close to the retainer to me. I realize that the rockers don’t move up and down like a regular rocker does on the stud when the pushrods flex at rpm, but I figure there must be some minimum clearance to keep the retainer from kissing the rocker body at high rpm, no?
Or am I being paranoid?
The pictures below might not be the best angle, but it’s not much more than what you can see there. Intake and exhaust respectively:
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"In the past, greater clearance was highly recommended, but current performance engine builders prefer a tighter clearance to coil bind as this helps dampen spring oscillation at high rpm which improves spring life and valve control. But this demands attention to detail."

How to Set Up a Cylinder Head (

This was just a quick search on coil bind.

Have you asked the cam grinder what they recommend for a spring at your lift and RPM? Weights of components affect it also.
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