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T&D Rockers - Very Minimal Clearance between Rocker and Retainer.

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Just setting up some 3128 T&D Rockers on my Brodix -3Xtra heads. I’m pretty sure I have the stands shimmed as close as I can get it to perfect.
But, the rockers look pretty damn close to the retainer to me. I realize that the rockers don’t move up and down like a regular rocker does on the stud when the pushrods flex at rpm, but I figure there must be some minimum clearance to keep the retainer from kissing the rocker body at high rpm, no?
Or am I being paranoid?
The pictures below might not be the best angle, but it’s not much more than what you can see there. Intake and exhaust respectively:
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FWIW, I spun these dual springs to 11.5k RPM…

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