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Here are the starters and some other misc stuff we had:

1.) Delco 6449: OE replacement for
2000-99) Cadillac Escalade 5.7L
(1998-97) Chev. Astro, GMC Safari, Isuzu Hombre, Olds. Bravada 4.3L
(1998-94) Chev. Blazer 4.3L, 5.7L
(2001-94) Chev. C, K Series; GMC Sierra 5.0L, 5.7L, 7.4L, 8.1L
(2001-94) Chev., GMC G Series 5.0L, 5.7L, 7.4L, 8.1L
(1999-94) Chev., GMC P Series Van 4.3L, 5.7L, 7.4L
(1998-96) Chev. S, T Series 4.3L; GMC Jimmy, Sonoma 4.3L
(2001-99) Chev. Silverado 6.0L, 8.1L
(2001-94) Chev. & GMC Suburban 5.7L, 7.4L, 8.1L
(2001-94) Chev. Tahoe, GMC Yukon 5.7L, 8.1L
GMC Topkick 7.0L

This is also the mini starter everyone uses for retro fitting back into older cars and race applications (need conversion bolts, should use anyway). These are made off shore, by a company that has the rights to Delco patents. So they are a bit better than the cheaper off shore units. Blah-blah-blah

Sale: $100

2.) Same as above
Sale: Sold

3.) Lester 4347: This fits some Allis Chambers and 64-72 6cyl GM’s (I think). I don’t have my old books so applications are sketchy. It is a straight across mount, 2 hole. There is another starter similar, but has 3 holes. This is a rebuilt unit from someone else, but tested good and has a new front housing. High Torque version.

Sale: $75

4.) Hitachi GSB107-06G, generator. Fits John Deere 4cylnder gas Turf Gator and
Yamaha G16-G22 golf carts with 0.9 motor, 1996 to present. This is an OE Hitachi unit, though with the OE number it is made in China. Strange being Hitachi is Japanese company. Regardless, it is OE manufacturer.

Sale: $125

5.) Denso 228000-8432, This is the worlds only starter designed for HD automotive use. Known as the FedEx special, as it was designed to replace the Ford starters that would only last 90 days. These lasted 3 years. I have customers that start under water with them, etc, etc. Only have had one warranty in 8 years, and it isn’t even been back to the shop yet. Very tough starter. Torque is 27Nm, 10 more than stock Ford PMGR’s. That equates out to over 350ftlbs at the crank.
This unit was sold to a customer that did some grinding on the front housing trying to make it fit an non-automatic application. So we replaced the front housing with an OE front housing, and tested it after reassemble (we are a warranty depot for Denso). The starter does have some finger prints/grease on it as pictured. But works great.

Sale: $225 (Price of these have been going up in the last 1 ½)

6.) Aftermarket version of above. Chinese will copy anything, and 90% of the Denso style starters sold in the aftermarket are made in China (not advertised that way though). This are at least a copy of the best out there.

Sale: $150

7.) Lester 6642: 2000-2007 Ford Taurus 3.0L 00-05 Sable 3.0L
Chinese starter from decent company, some Ebay sellers sell this company’s stuff as race proven 15 to 1 BS. Works great in a daily driver though.

Sale: $60

8.) Denso 228000-8440 HD Denso version for Ford’s with manual transmissions. Denso’s 4cylnder stuff is what many companies copy for racing applications, here is one from what the “teacher” thinks is for racing.

Sale: $250

Prices do not include shipping. Post varies from $20 (NY)-$35 (CA), UPS is higher even. If using Paypal $3 extra, will do cheques, Western Union, email money transfer (best option, done through your bank).

For comparison here is some photos of the Ford Starters,

Denso on left, Ford PMGR in middle, and old style Ford D/D on right:


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Bump to the top, I thought those Denso's wouldnt last long.
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